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messagio 15 May 2015, 14:56
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Smasher d'altri tempi

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Ŕ una cosa tipo mario kart premium pack, mai aperta

pigliatevela e non costringetemi a creare annunci online plz

il prezzo non ho neppure idea di quale sia visto che non ho ancora controllato a quanto viene venduta xd
suppongo attorno ai 270 euro


ovviamente posso portarvela a Jesi

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Falco rapes everyone.

Except he doesn't because lasers don't do much and his combo game is bad because you have to read DI.
Well pretty much the way i see falco .. its evenly as good as everyone else peach marth sheik foxy but the thing is falco has 2 work alot harder for his **** and having a mediorce recovery but overall hes jsut as good as them ... just has 2 work an 8 hour **** with some over time 7 days a week unlike the rest of them they work 4 hour shifts on the weekends only

CITAZIONE(otg @ What tier would Falco be in if he didn't have lasers?)
I don't know what tier Falco would be in without lasers, but I can tell you that even if people could powershield the lasers 50% of the time, that wouldn't make that much difference. Falco's would just mix up how often they shoot lasers and when, so you would still have to be on your toes. The game would change from "****, I'm getting lasered" to "****, when am I going to get lasered?"
CITAZIONE(Mogwai @ How do I avoid getting shine spiked)
don't recover, EVER

just die when you're off stage and then come back and death combo the Fox.
CITAZIONE(Mogwai @ Falco, the best character in the game on stage?)
Falco is the best on stage. He's like fox but better. then either you get your opponent off stage, or they get you off stage, and suddenly you go from top tier to like, low mid tier and that makes Falco a sad panda :'(
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messagio 07 Jul 2020, 19:31
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Smasher d'altri tempi

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Ciao, 270 Ŕ un po' tanto, ti andrebbe bene 260?

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