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60 Player Survival! [60PS] (EU Only!)
messagio 01 Nov 2011, 22:37
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60 Player Survival! [60PS] (EU only!)

Here's another tournament for all you EU players out there! Please remember that this is a WIFI tournament, so please make sure to check the details regularly for important updates.

Shout-outs to RiVer & Magi for being co-hosts of this tournament.

IMPORTANT: MK is banned in this tournament. I apologise if you're a MK mainer, but that's just the way it is.

How it works:
60 players will be divided into 15 pools of 4 people, 1st and 2nd of which will advance to the Winner's Bracket. There will also be an Amateur Bracket for those placing 3rd in their Pool.


* 3 Stock

* 8 minutes

* Best of 3 for all matches except the LSF, LF, WSF & WF (which will be Best of 5)
+ The GF will be Best of 7.

* Items must be set to "off" and "none"

* All transformations are allowed - Zelda into Sheik and vice-versa, Samus into ZSS, etc.

*All Standing Grabs are banned. Marth on Ness / Lucas, DDD on Donkey Kong / Bowser / Luigi / Wolf (on the edge) / DDD (on the edge) / Mario / Samus.
All grabs done by DDD MUST include a dash before re-grab, except for a scenario which involves down-throw chains against a wall (wall infinite).
Infinite Grab of IC's isn't banned because it is not considered a standing grab.

* Other forms of Infinites (e.g. Laser lock, Jab lock, wall infinite, etc) aren't banned.

* If a time-out occurs, Sudden Death is not played. In the case of sudden death being initiated, use the following rules:
-If one player has more stock remaining than the other, then the player with the most stock wins the match.
-If sudden death is forced by a 'suicide' move (e.g. Kirby/DDD swallow, Ganondorf flame choke, etc) then the player who initiated the suicide move wins the match.
-If both stock and percent are tied at the end of a match, then a "1 Stock, 2 Minute" must be played; both players must pick the same character and the same stage as the previous match. Whoever wins this 1-stock playoff wins the match.

* Stalling is banned

*In the case of a desync, the person who caused the desync MUST forfeit the match. However, if the cause of the desync is not clear then the match will have to be replayed. In addition to this, if one player forces an action that makes the match unplayable (e.g. boost lag, freezing, game reset, etc) then the match will result in a forfeit for the player that initiated the action.

* All Chain-grabs must not surpass 200%

* Ledge-grab limit after time-out: 35
+Ice Climbers: 50
- If both players exceed the ledge-grab limit after a time-out, usual time-out rules apply.


Starters & Counterpicks

Stage Rules:
1-2-1 Striking system with bans after matches.


* Final Destination
* Battlefield
* Smashville
* Pokemon Stadium 1
* Yoshi's Island (Brawl)


* Lylat Cruise
* Castle Siege
* Halberd
* Brinstar
* Delfino Plaza
* Frigate Orpheon

Additional Information:
* Time for pools: 2 weeks (14 days)
* Time for Brackets (normal matches): 4 weeks (28 days)
* Time for Brackets (LSF, LF, WSF, WF): 1 week (7 days)
* Time for Brackets (GF): 9 days

If you can't find your opponent in the given time, please provide a sufficient amount of evidence (such as print-screens on different days) to show that you've tried contacting your opponent. If your evidence is good enough, you will be granted the win of that match. If evidence is not sufficient, the fate of that match will be decided on a coin toss.

If any issues arise during the tournament that have not been covered in the above rules, PM me or a co-host and we will try our best to resolve the issue.

To include in your application:
Name/E-mail -> MSN or Skype (one is required, preferably MSN)/Clan (crew)/Country

The winner of this tournament will probably receive wifi glory, or something like that. I don't know. ^^

Thanks to RiVer for helping with the ruleset.

We look forward to your applications!

PLEASE APPLY IN THE MAIN THREAD: http://s11.zetaboards.com/Spirit_Smashers/topic/7472224/1/
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